Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hindu Stone age site migration sooon.....not very soon

People are connected to the social networks, just not by entering in to social networking sites, by entering in to common usage sites, where social networks are leveraged for content aggregation, summarizing peoples thought in to collective verdict. Further more, Intelligent scripts could be run over the content, which can be useful for data analysis, and wise decisions and understanding could be made from the diversified content, through collaborative process.

What's all about?? These are web 2.0 common phenomenon.

The Hindu is one among the top national English News paper list. Dont bother whether is it first or second or third. Before Times of India invasion, The Hindu newspaper was top selling one in chennai especially.

To know more about them,

But they maintained a crapy site, where it doesnt works with latest firefox well, abnormal UI and skeletons. Even a stone age site might have been good in terms of article, content, sytle and allowing people to give their verdict on the newspaper. This made Times of India to pitch in and have a greater sales. It got popular by implementing social, web2.0 features that made it rich.

Iam posting the image below how a typical hindu news site look.

Do they live in Dark age??. Cant they understand user behaviour, that social interaction and user participation will drive their business?? Does this site looks attractive????????

Now they have come up with, new site ie they have revamped site it seems and as of now it is in beta. The link is

Dont worry and feel about that they are too late. You will really applaud dinamalar site. see

Whatever The hindu released its site, is a pure or less than a web1.5 site, moreover they have copied styles and look from wordpress themes and ideas might have been stolen from Times of India.

The beauty is I cant even see a 'Login' link,The Hindu might ask 'why to login in to a Newspaper site?'.

I could spot archive link, which made me happy, bcoz when i want to search for some present content, google will take some time to index.

It is hard to find comment section, allowing people to engage in to the site content, and add value to the content. Only thing The Hindu wish is
Email the Editor. After reading the content everyone should Email the editor.Hindu assigns task for everyone, when they wish not to spend money and buy paper.

Still awaiting for the release, May be when google, microsoft , yahoo starts redefining web5.0 they might come up with this latest web1.5 site.