Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ruby Floating floats like a Dead Fish

I was so serious in attempting to solve a problem that Thoughtworks usually gives to its new recruits to test their Object Orientation skills. In that there is a Sales Tax problem which involves lot of math library, floating point calculations rather than using our brain memory in it.

While when I do the rounding of a sales tax calculation to the nearest 0.05, I faced the problem in my ruby
Though I agree that this is my first time where I am doing intense floating point calculations and round off, could someone explain me why this inconsistency happens with ruby?

I need at least two decimal places right in my calculations, rather than implementing a work around to round off a 8 decimal float number .

Also it should be noted that round(n) as written in Float class in ruby, which rounds to 'n' decimal places doesn't work with Jruby. Any clue on this???