Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steve Jobs steamed well

Being technology hypothetical and haunting web, I could see people honoring and paying tribute to some one who is no longer alive, to happy the conservatory ones(Remember Swiss bank) who tried to meta retweet, meta liked posts in facebook to let it know that it can relevantly push some Apple store Ads and halted at one point thinking no longer these buffaloes can be milked, as hands started paining. But if you think whom I am honoring here, i am delegating that to decide at your discretion.

Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple, who died recently pioneered the personal computer, though microsoft took over business in PC era. Quite dissatisfied by the Apple board directors, where his products intended to create for educational sectors didn't went well, forced Jobs to quite and start his new company Next. His new founded company developed a wide range of software and hardware. Company uprooted when Jobs could succeed by developing object oriented OS 'NextStep', that uses a hybrid kernel(monolithic of XNU and microkernel of Mach) and using Objective C, which took BSD(a Unix variant), modified at architecture level.

This made Apple to realize and call back Jobs by acquiring his company 'Next'. Jobs return made Apple to raise its eyebrows by his stunning leadership qualities, where he is good at driving ideas and innovation, could figure out exactly what people needed and see implementation. One cannot forget the man behind iPod, iPhone, iPad(what next would be? iP*****;)) that took company to heights, revealing his product creativity genius. Jobs suffered from a rare form of pancreatic cancer, a terrible disease but he could sustain and extend his life span bit more due to latest medical innovations happening in that stream.

One of his greatest strength - leadership being hostile to his employees by stripping down many unwanted products and conflicting ideas, which might have taken a stroll on Apples growth. Despite large insignificant number of mentions in social media streams to my dismay, his coveted, elite products went well with channeled marketing strategy. His notable incident include when ipod design was first rejected, not appealing his sensations when employee took the prototype to him. When employees remained unclear about the rejection, he put it on a water tank and notified them of water bubbles that occupied empty space, reaching bottom.

On large, Dennis Ritchie was the man indirectly behind his(and many other) success, who created C language and Unix OS(which Steve Jobs took off the base for MacOS), where he also passed away following Jobs to super world, without knowing why he got less number of mentions. Without him, we would have not seen Windows, Linux, Minix, Mac and C++, C# and other languages. Hmm, you might say that's what applicative business mind is all about!.

Jobs being identified on his own strength, nothing makes me to flirt, one - MacOS requiring extensive, expensive Hardware to run due to the inappropriate design, second - Objective C being informal OO language and irritating, clumsy development, third - not strategizing MacRuby and pioneering it as a mainstream Apple language, fourth - most important Apple could make products only for hi-fi business magnets who will be ready to spend money lavish, not for common ones. Though Jobs at small corner thumping minimal at my heart, I am deeply saddened by the death of Dennis Ritchie and how come can we forget G.D.Naidu and his contributions?

P.S - It is also to be noted MacOS being greatly affected by virus more than windows, though systems lesser in number