Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nasty Skepticism

       Though a non technical post, a series of post about questioning traditions and blind belief, myth, in the name of skepticism, made me to write about meta-skepticism.

        Skepticism being a hot cake in today's DNA, younger generation feels as if they have found and executed some ground breaking idea by calling themselves skeptic. If I interrogate and inspect, I tend to not to phew-phew their illiteracy and ignorance.Their skepticism is all about questioning the tradition, which is according to them defined by some wave length. I mean they try to question the wearing of under wears imposed by their fathers. When they spew some few questions about religions and Lord Ram without basic understanding of any, they raise their T-shirt collar and say to the world "I am far more superior than any one else. Even Einstein(pity fellow just invented e=mc^2 and not knowing to pull the threads of Hinduism) or Jagadish chandra bose(Unsung Hero) is under my feet". High time sigh no, when we endure in to million number of problems and nuke our skepticism?

        Everyone wants to become popular right from Anna Hazare to Nonda Bizarre. But ways of becoming popular only comes not more than two ways. One really really being a prodigy, living for and breathing it like Steve Jobs, Tesla, Ramanujam, Sachin, G.D.N. The other cheap way is plunging in to some controversies, delivering their verdict with out knowing what it is(A beautiful vadivelu comedy where he tries to mediate in selling second hand bike, having no clue about it). Recent storms by Lawyer Mr. Ram jethmalani about Lord Ram and Priya Ramani about her take on Ram worship, fit the latter. What all they need is the sheer publicity, gaining traction in the media. If I conduct a exam on Hinduism, most of the folks who write in TNIE, Livemint, would deliberately fail even to score a decent failure rank. Their idiotic skepticism never helps them to realize that they are digging out a buried set of values and popularizing it. Of course, comedian exist in many forms not only actors.

         When Atheism meeting happens around my area, they applaud Ravan, by accusing Ram without even knowing that Ravan is a devotee of Lord Shiva. Kamal haasan rationalism is another ultimate high, where Dosa-avatharam  movie is alone enough to combat his atheism. Other skeptic thoughts(they are calling that way, don't blame me) were male chauvinism that Hindu religion supports, blaming Indian Origin and tradition quite often. Perhaps India is a democratic secular country no, where govt sponsors money for the religions apart from Hindu and at times giving a heavy blow to Hinduism. India almost being made absurd by politicians, our so called skepticians take advantage of that and post their voice, adding some spice to it. My post here is not to give explanation for Ram Jethmalani or Priya Ramani questions, but to reveal their bruises on their skepticism. My understanding of their bruises more or less fell in to the pattern I am about to describe below,

- A rational mind is about solving fundamental problems, worrying about present and solving the problems that future generation needs. But their skepticism is about choking tradition. Sigh!

- Their skepticism of taking illegal untested drugs from multinationals, usually claiming lives of people. Further, accepting pluto as a planet and hiding a pumpkin - Kappa Adromedae in the system.

- Having dis-taste for purity in Carnatic Music and enjoying pure Beethoven and Mozart classics. Knowing not to appreciate sheer brilliance of St. Muthuswami Dikshathar, but beethoven. Skepticism is not about to question Western, if India and Indian, then OK. 

- Having a Mac book/Mac air with a highly coupled Mac OS, Apple being a biggest monopoly player, and cribbing about Microsoft. Waw! what a skepticism?

- Literate/IT professionals are the biggest players of Polythene bags. Shop vendors find tough to sell and convince customers without plastic bags, where an tribal in Yelagiri knows his right not to sell bags and harm environment. Wow! What an skepticism of our urban?

- Kancha ilaiah says Lord Ram is a killer and being regarded as a epic hero where he shot down Ravan and saved Seeta, though Ravan did nothing to seeta, besides Lakshmana cutting Surpanakha's nose. Kancha ilaiah's skepticism guarantees every one has right to kidnap his wife and can keep her safe and he would not mind it.

- A popular blogger, who dismissed Telecom Raja's scam, saying everyone has Raja inside, brave what a skepticism!. His skepticism says large quadrants of money and infinitesimal amount are equal and identical.

- Kalaignar's rationalism where he knows to make trips to center to demand cabinet position for his family members and not for tamil Elam. What a Periyar Rationalism. Probably his rationalist Guru Periyar might have come in his dreams asking him to distribute free TV and shut off the power supply so that programs aired on his kalaignar TV programs could be well received with TiPi technology(Television without power).

- Government which privatized educational sector and under took TASMAC as a govt sector. Their skepticism is nothing much apart from producing solid waste of 21 year old talents, unless the students themselves masturbate their minds.

- Central Govt started imposing restrictions on Cylinders, Electricity, hike in fares. Life sophistication became significant, some how appliances was capitalized in the name of civilization. Money has been swindled and swallowed. now its time to de-civilize and de-generate. Their skepticism is just watch it.

- Our cultural, scientific innovations and urbanization has lead to a million dozen problems, climate crisis, global warming, weak monsoons. Water and breathing air are being bought at cost. Mr. Ratan Tata being nano in thought, worries about nano being not parked in everyone's house. Every innovative solution as well creeps problems too. Skeptic ones calls this as 'life transformation'. 

- Go green initiatives in the IT sector is high time comedy, where their periodic mail about raising awareness on greenness frequently crashes my unstable outlook(outlook will be adamant some times not receiving it, some how sensing my pulse). Gandhi Mahatma, started Khadi to preserve villages, people and nai talim movement is one enough to alleviate problems. Whereas corporate skepticism is all about building and polluting urban by dumping people and more screw one's life.

Last take, skepticism is all about what one has been destined for, doing it right, give something to this world, country, this people, working for the benefit and up liftment of community. More essentially 'Simple Living and High Thinking'. Living examples, Bhagat singh, Subash Bose, Narendra Modi. But the people and skepticism I am talking about just just reveals their weakness where they need pillars of Hinduism and Hindu Gods for their cheap publicity and gaining popularity. My meta-skepticism says this vastness, diversity won't usually allow them having long, just to troll on the subjects they are empty at and increase idiotic follower count.

- Finally be skeptic enough such that when I release TortoiseMQ, be mind that it would not run slower than RabbitMQ just because of name. Ha Ha