Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to run PHP files inside public_html directory in Ubuntu 10.10 a.k.a Maverick Meerkat

By default, php files doesnt gets interpreted when placed inside public_html in Ubuntu 10.10. ie in Maverick Meerkat.

When you install php5 in ubuntu 10.10 or 10.04, planning to place your php files inside public_html directory in your user area, here is the solution for you.

Create public_html in your user area

First of all check whether enable-modules under your apache server
for that
goto /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/ folder and check userdir.conf, userdir.load modules are enabled by simply typing ls command

if not then goto /etc/apache2/mods-enabled and create symbolic link as follow

sudo ln -s ../mods-available/userdir.load

sudo ln -s ../mods-available/userdir.conf

or you can enable using the following command

sudo a2enmod userdir

Finally create public_html folder under your home directory an give full access permission to it.

Restart your apache server (sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart or service apache2 force-reload)

Access it through following link.

http://localhost/~[your_home_directory_name]/ (for me it's http://localhost/~hariharank12/)

To run PHP files inside public_html in Ubuntu 10.10

In the new php.conf file which is present in /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf, the php engine inside user directory is turned off as like below.

 php_admin_value engine Off

Comment those above lines.

Finally php5.conf will look like below.

        SetHandler application/x-httpd-php
        SetHandler application/x-httpd-php-source
    # To re-enable php in user directories comment the following lines
    # (from  to .) Do NOT set it to On as it
    # prevents .htaccess files from disabling it.
#            php_admin_value engine Off

Again restart the apache web server.

Test with some php files placing inside public_html folder and hitting URL with localhost/~username/php_file_name.

It should work now! :)

For more detailed description why php files running inside public_html is disabled, see the following link

Chmsee instead of Gnochm in Ubuntu 10.10

If you are wondering, how to open chm files in Ubuntu 10.10, here is a solution for you.

Gnochm has been removed from the repository, and instead replaced by chmsee.

chmsee has the following features.

A chm file viewer written in GTK+

- Uses gecko rendering engine
- Bookmarks
- Support to open multiple files at once

one difference I feel is you cannot search in chmsee application.

Simply you can install chmsee like

apt-get install chmsee

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ruby Cerification Exams and Rails Certifications

If a person wants to take Ruby Certifications and searches in google, he is fruitfully landed in to pages of irrelevancy, because the ruby central organization hasn't leaned to give certification exams to developers and architects.

Why we need certification first?

The certification exams will solve the following purposes

- Developers will have the deep understanding of the language, what it can afford, what it can address, how it can make job easier.

- Popularity of the language, by ads and bringing attention to the enterprises.

- Income to the open source world, where they can have budget for innovation

- With Certified Engineers and Architects, We can start making proposals to enterprises where they fond of using Spring and Hibernate like Verizon and Bank of America, making them to feel the power of Ruby language, convincing them that we have enough resources and architects to deliver projects in Ruby Language.

Then why not Ruby central can come forward in offering Certification Exams and create a better developers in the Ruby world?

Dynamic Nature of Ruby - Part 1

This is something a post after a long break, still something that ponders me is the level of penetration of open source in enterprises.

This post is fairly for the new bees who are chain smokers of Java Cigarettes and now want to change their brand and experience a new feel, and less harm to their body in terms of strain. Also at later stage wish to cover the enterprise ruby.

To begin with, definitely one should accept that famous of python was revealed only by the search giant google through its products like gmail,youtube, and google search etc.

In late 2000 dynamic languages sprouted and PHP were more dominant in web languages, even though Yahoo uses PHP extensively, but for enterprises PHP is still treated as a KM languages or developing a mere KM applications.

A popular framework called Rails which evolved with a new stratum such as Convention Over Configuration and DRY principles striked the chord in and around 2005 and this was made possible by a powerful Dynamic Language called 'Ruby'

Thoughworks is a company usually called king of Agile, which uses Ruby predominantly in their works as well as do enterprise proposals based on Ruby language.

Ruby Language Symbol

Ruby is a dynamic, Object oriented programming language that is influenced by the right mixture of Python, Small Talk, Perl, Lisp

Is Ruby a scripting language? No, more than a scripting language.

Its object Oriented by nature.

For instance, even if you declare a variable i =10, the variable 'i' is an object of type fixnum.

Suppose you want to perform a Modulus operation for the variable i = -10, in a typical static languages like java, it will make a light year waste for you in importing and declaring the essential classes and sub classes.

Yes in Java you need to import Math class to perform this and call abs fn from the Math Class like this


Even if you feel that you want to save time in importing classes and decided to go for IDE like eclipse, it will take hell lot of time to load in windows and hang around, where installing these IDE's are always less preferenced in linux.

Whereas in Ruby, its pretty simple that even simple guesses from our mindset will work to find a clue,

Here is the solution in Ruby,
irb>>i.abs #prints 10, mod value of i

if you ask me how a variable can have a member function, in Ruby its not a variable, its a object of class type 'fixnum'

Each and everything as an object makes ruby to create wonders.

Even more ruby has interesting features ....TBC part 2

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hindu Stone age site migration sooon.....not very soon

People are connected to the social networks, just not by entering in to social networking sites, by entering in to common usage sites, where social networks are leveraged for content aggregation, summarizing peoples thought in to collective verdict. Further more, Intelligent scripts could be run over the content, which can be useful for data analysis, and wise decisions and understanding could be made from the diversified content, through collaborative process.

What's all about?? These are web 2.0 common phenomenon.

The Hindu is one among the top national English News paper list. Dont bother whether is it first or second or third. Before Times of India invasion, The Hindu newspaper was top selling one in chennai especially.

To know more about them,

But they maintained a crapy site, where it doesnt works with latest firefox well, abnormal UI and skeletons. Even a stone age site might have been good in terms of article, content, sytle and allowing people to give their verdict on the newspaper. This made Times of India to pitch in and have a greater sales. It got popular by implementing social, web2.0 features that made it rich.

Iam posting the image below how a typical hindu news site look.

Do they live in Dark age??. Cant they understand user behaviour, that social interaction and user participation will drive their business?? Does this site looks attractive????????

Now they have come up with, new site ie they have revamped site it seems and as of now it is in beta. The link is

Dont worry and feel about that they are too late. You will really applaud dinamalar site. see

Whatever The hindu released its site, is a pure or less than a web1.5 site, moreover they have copied styles and look from wordpress themes and ideas might have been stolen from Times of India.

The beauty is I cant even see a 'Login' link,The Hindu might ask 'why to login in to a Newspaper site?'.

I could spot archive link, which made me happy, bcoz when i want to search for some present content, google will take some time to index.

It is hard to find comment section, allowing people to engage in to the site content, and add value to the content. Only thing The Hindu wish is
Email the Editor. After reading the content everyone should Email the editor.Hindu assigns task for everyone, when they wish not to spend money and buy paper.

Still awaiting for the release, May be when google, microsoft , yahoo starts redefining web5.0 they might come up with this latest web1.5 site.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Internet Explorer 8 supports Web 2.0

It has been a long time we are still making use of Internet explorer 6.(IE 6)

I was wondering how Internet Explorer people could make use of web2.0, enjoy the pleasure while surfing internet.

This made me come up with Internet Explorer 8 article(IE 8).

I will try to provide this article small and crisp as much as possible.

About - IE8 is the latest web browser developed by Microsoft and is going to be the default browser for the upcoming OS windows 7 and windows server 2008.

Focus - Security, ease of use,tabbed browsing and improvements in RSS,CSS,Ajax support were its primary focus.

Features -

Webslices - This is a tool that keeps users automatically updated with parts of web pages that they would like to see daily. Users need not check updates manually like news sites, the weather, stock quotes etc. If the links to these sites are included in the Favourites bar, users will be alerted about fresh information. Another thing to remember is Host should also provide this functionality for automatic updates in browser. Webslice is not like firefox Live Bookmarks and does not syndicate feed in a proper manner. Assume I have three comments in my blog and deleting the 2nd comment in my blog is not getting reflected in the webslice ie deletion of items sucks in webslice. eg-> microsoft,cricket,News updates,Twitter updates as shown in webslices image

Accelerator - This feature helps an user to perform browser-based tasks like searching,looking up addresses using a map service, sharing content on a social network etc with ease of use.Accelerators eliminate the need to copy and paste content between pages eg -> select TCS,Thoraipakkam, and accelerate it, you can see location of office in Google map, live map. as shown in accelerator image

Note you might see many google options for acceleration in my image. I have installed google toolbar in my IE 8.

Suggested sites - This feature suggest relevant sites to the current sites, we have in our browser. When this feature is enabled, IE 8 asynchronously sends to browser information to the microsoft server over a secure connection. Recommended sites are not powerful and stumbleupon users have to be unhappy by this feature.

Address Bar - This features domain highlighting for added security so that the top-level domain is shown in black whereas the other parts of the URL are grayed out. Please see the address bar in image below weblsice.

Security - Browser has enhanced filters(smart screen) to help prevent the installation of malicious software and alert users to phishing attempts and sites that pose a security risk.

Privacy - It also has introduced the facility to browse web sites privately, without leaving track locally of the sites visited and other browser-based activity, and also to control the harnessing of information by third party sites to track user activity.

Developer Tools - For developers, IE8 includes tools that allow Html,CSS,Javascript debugging directly from the browser(Shown in fig). Firebug users will feel this slightly annoying.

Speed - As for speed It starts quickly, loads pages fast and instantly gets you started on what you want to do next with a powerful new tab page.The part of the browser that processes web page scripting components works faster.

Memory - As for as memory it is greater than all. As we know chrome is the browser which consumes huge memory, but Google products always reveal diligence. My test results here eg - if you take a tab in IE 8 with and as well as in chrome, IE 8 consumes around 37-43k where as chrome hardly takes 7-13k. They have created seperate process for each and every tab and process is freed in vain when a tab is closed.

Mode - Usually IE 8 runs on standard mode. But we can switch to compatibility mode, extending support for sites that runs on previous IE versions or web developers can run their pages in compatibility mode using javascript. When user runs pages in compatibility mode, the compatibility button(as shown in fig) will be grayed out next to address bar.

There are some interesting features in IE 8 and this is a boon to web2.0 site lovers from Microsoft.

If you are a IE user surf, with IE 8 and enjoy the benefits of Web2.0 with security as one primary thing and ignore IE 6 which is less secure,non scalable, memory leaks and helpless CSS engine

Firefox is my all time favorite and if you are looking speed you can go for Google chrome.

Worship Gods??

Prayer as an act is meaningless. If we pray with some expectations, it is better to remain silent. Because when attitude goes wrong, everything that works around is not right.

If our attitude is prayerfulness, worshiping everything in life, then the prayer is meaningful. Realizing Brahman in ourself and becoming prayerful is a prayer.

During prayers, we should have full awareness of who are we. Our Mind should sync with heart, from concentration(Ekagram only one thought) to Meditation(and becoming that itself). If this continues, we will realize we are the one pervading everywhere.

God cannot do/give anything for us,unless we do something. What He needs to give has given enough. It is up to us to make use of it.

God has many forms and of course created by us for our convenience. Realized souls say ‘know about yourself’. Lord Krishna says, ‘You are born because of your karma’ . So do we need to pray God to increase our karma? or to surrender ourself to our Atman and attain Nirvana??