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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ruby Cerification Exams and Rails Certifications

If a person wants to take Ruby Certifications and searches in google, he is fruitfully landed in to pages of irrelevancy, because the ruby central organization hasn't leaned to give certification exams to developers and architects.

Why we need certification first?

The certification exams will solve the following purposes

- Developers will have the deep understanding of the language, what it can afford, what it can address, how it can make job easier.

- Popularity of the language, by ads and bringing attention to the enterprises.

- Income to the open source world, where they can have budget for innovation

- With Certified Engineers and Architects, We can start making proposals to enterprises where they fond of using Spring and Hibernate like Verizon and Bank of America, making them to feel the power of Ruby language, convincing them that we have enough resources and architects to deliver projects in Ruby Language.

Then why not Ruby central can come forward in offering Certification Exams and create a better developers in the Ruby world?